Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Shopping and F**king.

So, there's this play. It's by some fella named Mark Ravenhill, who is apparently quite good. The point however is that I went to see this play as a friend of mine is in it (in fact, I live with said friend) and it was quite good. A plethora of horror stories/warnings/chinese-whispers had already reached my sullen ears concerning the content, though, you'd probably guess what's in it from the title. What's funny though, is Jim (my friend) rims a bloke. So off we hence trundled to see said play.

It was actually pretty good. Jim is a quality actor, and most of the cast was in fact pretty convincing. The homoerotic scenes were well done; enough so that it drew an audible squeel from my mate and stretched a brow-trodden cringe across my face. As William Hazlitt would say, "this is gusto." The director seemed like a bit of a berk, lurching onto the stage at beginning, and end, clutching a half-full plastic cup of snakebite and announcing just how important he is. More enjoyably, one of the actresses was pretty hot.

If you wanna check it out the play has one more night to run (tomorrow, Thursday 25th) at the RUSU. If you don't know what that acronym stands for, you probably don't live near enough to care.

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