Saturday, 14 November 2009

A first post; explanation; je ne sais pas.

So this is my blog. I'm really not quite sure what is going to go in it. Nevertheless, as the title precludes, someone told me to get a blog (for later employment purposes), so I did. Hence a world of pedantic ramblings, corrections, corrospondences, quotations and musings will be unleashed upon an [un]suspecting [non-existent] audience.

If you're someone who has oddly stumbled upon this blog and has far too much time on their hands, then you should know that a) I'm a third-year twenty-something English student with aspirations to become a journalist and possibly a novelist, and b) no, I don't care. If you do know me, which you probably will, you can laugh at me in the pub later.

Recent interesting moment: I got ill and failed to see Starkey and one of my best friends in Sheffield, so, for him; "TC TC!"

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