Wednesday, 25 August 2010

This week I've mostly been listening to... #1

As this blog verges on professionalism (lol), I'd thought now is the time to start adding features. I'm going to do some sporadic album reviews (not sure about an album of the week or anything like that...), but it seems to be appropriate to add a 'Fast Show' inspired "This week..." post, every Wednesday. Or at least most Wednesdays. Or some. I try, I really do.

Anyway, in spirit of the Green Man Festival (which was ace, review on its way), this week I have mostly be listening to the beautiful wiles, hooks and melodies of The Tallest Man on Earth. An ex-bandmate and good friend of the highly esteemed Bon Iver, I heard this chap for the first time properly as I was working back stage. Although I didn't actually see him perform, he sounded wonderful, and a previous act, Mega Faun, came on stage for a fantastic finale. The really nice thing was that afterwards as the band were having their post-show cigarettes and coffees, they seemed genuinly elated at the response they got from the audience. If you've ever worked backstage, you'll understand this is a rare thing. Egos are part and parcel of fame.

So, now I have returned to the shelter of my current Midlands dwelling, I have been tirelessly browsing through their back catalogue, and I have picked out the albim The Wild Hunt as my favourite, with the EP S/T coming a close second. There are a few duff tracks on the former, 'Kids on the Run's attractions being particularly ephemeral. Generally though, all his stuff is ace, and well worth checking out if you not heard him yet.

Here's a couple of choice tracks:

I now have to rush out into the rain with my enstranged friend and two dogs, so I apologise for any typos, I will correct them anon.

Peace and pies.

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