Thursday, 2 September 2010

This week I've mostly been listening to... #2

Well, I told you it wouldn't quite be every Wednesday! Alas, I've been partying in London/looking for a flat, thus the belatedness of this post, and why there's nothing in between this week's 'mostly listening to' and last week's. Ah well.

So, first simply a song, which has been incessantly buzzing round this Brummy bonce of mine all week. Shown to me by a good friend of mine, who randomly caught them at Coachella (lucky sod), I haven't heard the album yet, entitled Up From Below, but the song 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is absolutely blissful. I'll make sure to check out the entire album now I'm back and sort you a review...

Anyway, here it is!

Next up, a band I'd previously only heard one song of, 'Deadwood', a freebee from Communion, a new-folk night in London that progressed into a label, featuring other talents like Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn. However, I caught Matthew and the Atlas at Green Man 2010, and they were fantastic. Upon returning I realised they have released an EP, and all four songs on it are all melancholic masterpieces. Entitled To The North, the angelic guitar and wonderous voice of Matthew has been spinning round my head and iPod for the last few days. I encourage each and everyone of you to buy this EP, only £3 on iTunes, and it goes towards a little-known band making great music, and hopefully keep them going.

Here's the first track off their EP, 'I Will Remain', to get those folky juices flowing.

Finally, we go in a different direction. The Roots have been around for a long, long time. Longevity being a most praise-worthy virtue in the hip-hop world. Their breed of live instrumental music has paved the way for many other groups, such as Heiruspecs, yet they still do it best. Yet, most strange of all, their albums just seem to keep on getting better and better. Their latest offering, How I Got Over, is testament to this, as we hear a tour-de-force of lyricism and music-making. Jump on the bandwagon and climb aboard this express train of a record.

Here for your listening pleasure is a song featuring the much acclaimed (and personally admired) Joanna Newsom who, being a fan of the group, re-recorded the hook for her song 'Right On' for The Roots' version, of the same name. Enjoy, and see you soon.

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Neil said...

I missed Matthew & The Atlas at Green Man due to arriving on Friday evening. Stupid work. Rest of it was boss though.