Thursday, 28 January 2010

Something or nothing.

I'm not sure which. Depends on what you think of my capricious ramblings. Anyway, much belated news (you can't blame me, I've already stated I'm a slacker), I have a radio show! With my friend/housemate/personal slave Jim. Just did you second show, which if you listened, you'll know was quite the disaster. Mainly due to technical difficulties, and in part to my caffeine addiction. Regardless we played some bangin' beats as is our style.

You can listen, every Thursday at 11am, here.

Apart from that, I haven't been up to that much. Been dissertation-ing away, improving my culinary skills and generally straight west coasting. Thus, this will be a rather short post, as I am relatively uninspired right now, but I assure you I'll update as soon as the next epiphany strikes me. I was going to write something about my recurring dream of my teeth falling out whilst talking to hot girls, but I think that deserves a topic in it's own right, before I go all Freudian on your ass. So, here's some interesting shit to keep you all entertained:

Aretha Franlin classic.

If you don't feel full of happiness after listening to this tune, there's something clinically wrong with you.

Bow your weary heads to the genius of the Blake.

That is all. Peace and love.

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