Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Oh snap, it's 2010.

Yeah, so it's 2010. I forgot/couldn't be arsed to list a load of great things about the past year, or how my birthday was. So here is just a general ramble with little in the way of epiphanies or philosophical thought.

I did however see Hudson Mohawke for the first time at Fabric last Friday, and he literally blew my socks off. I think dubstep is dying; it was a good "stepping" (get it?) stone for a plethora of new genres, but it's pretty lame in comparison to said offspring now. Thus I've been delving deeper and deeper into the realms of the weird; genres that don't even have an official name yet. One such genre is what people are calling autonomic. I don't really wanna DJ this stuff, but wow, it's good. I got bored of D'n'B when my poor ears and braincells were being pilfered by horrendous "jump-up" and that's when the transition to dubstep began. However, this kind of drum and bass, more influenced by techno than Hype and the like, is just plain awesome. Artists like Alix Perez, Spectrasoul and Calibre are really sending this genre places, and if you haven't yet checked it out, do so.

Mainly though I've started spinning, well, I don't know what to call it. Collectives like LuckyMe don't really like giving it a name. It's been called post-hiphop, leftfield hip-hop, and "wonky"...which is a pretty gash name.

Whatever, it's great.

I don't know where it began, I don't know where it'll end. As someone recently asked a quantum physics professor, "How long is a piece of string?", to which said proff responded: "However fucking long you want it to be, to be honest." And that wasn't even a piece of string random in length, it was a certain length, like, 10 inches, but apparently that doesn't matter. It's all perception, like, a blind person can't even see the bloody string, let alone measure it. Well, he could, but then he couldn't see the measurements, so he couldn't. Unless they were in braille. Anyway, I digress.

I'm talking about artists like Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Slugabed, Jamie Vex'd, Heralds of Change, KenLo Crqnuques, Zomby, maybe like James Blake, FMF, Nosaj Thing. See, I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure it's all J Dilla's fault though. Just go to Numbers in Glasgow and have a look.

In other news, look at this:

Wow. I'll be back with some more hyperbolic bollocks some time next week. Till then, take it easy.

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