Tuesday, 16 February 2010

You've got water, but he's got holes.

Thus is the eternal battle of rock, paper scissors. And so, regardless of all conceivable efforts, something will always trump your greatest play. What is this in reference to? Well, I don't have tell you that, but it's a motif that is perpetually applicable. The meander through life inextricably leads to competition, and we inevitably can't always win. This seems ill-suited to questions of confidence, but aside from capricious splatterings of emotion, it's also coincidentally true for the coming "job-hunt", a phrase I find rather perterbing, in part due to the fact I hope not to be roasting my future employer over an open campfire with a fork and pot of pepper readily available.

Anyway, now that musing has gone, which may have been interesting for some, but more likely confusing for most, I'll get on to points of interest from my amazing life.

First off, shops. People often wonder where to buy clothes from. For women it's pretty easy, for blokes, not so, especially if you grew up in somewhere with a population less than half a million. Though, if this is the case, you're probably happy with your body warmer, big hair and polo-shirt collar turned-up. A complete generalisation, but if you currently reside in some shit-pot of a so-called "university town" masquarading as a centre of culture (yes, Reading, I'm looking at you), then you'll understand.

Well, fear no more.

Here's a few beauts for you to be going on with: first off, simples. I'm talking kicks. If you haven't heard of Size? by now you've got problems. Probably the best "high-street" store to buy sneeks. You can also find a selection at Urban Industry, which is a generally good all-round clothes shop anyway. For t-shirts check out SP:UK. These guys print the best designs that get sent into them, so you can not only buy cool shirts, but also get your own printed, and paid for, nice eh? Pretty sweet as well is Super Superficial, though you're better off tripping down to their store on Carnaby Street, as the online shop is pretty wank.

My all round favourite shop of the moment though has to be Lazy Oaf, infamous makers of the burger hat. Not only do they sell some fresh to death shit, but they're pretty damn nice people too. I mean, check this e-mail they sent me about the impending arrival of a sweater I ordered:

"Hi Jonathan

Thank you for ordering from Lazy Oaf. We have packaged up your goodies and have sent them out to you today. Most items are sent recorded delivery and will require a signature so please keep an eye out for your postie.

Love Peace and Hair Grease,

Lazy Oaf"

Just great.

Finally, some interesting stuff to wet your whistle.

Trailer for the upcoming HBO mini-series The Pacific, from the creators of the fantastic Band of Brothers.

An unreleased tune from the man of the moment, HudMo.

A video for my favourite song of all time.

Love, peas and gravy.

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