Sunday, 16 May 2010

Nearly damn done.

Woah there! One blasted exam left, and it's a doozey. 'Rich and Poor in Roman Society' may sound simple enough, but when faced with an arrogant, useless, post-Mussolini-esque-psuedo hell-wench, well, we get problems.

Anyway, I'm less stressed and blogging is back. On the way: a brand spanking new mix (featuring a remix/mashup by my tender self), my first fully produced tune and extracts from my novel... Maybe. Right now I'll just chat balls and link you some cool stuff ya'know.

MARK DOOLING (lol!) AKA Marshal William Darling, Martial, "The Great Mustache Hope", also my first ever blog follower (check check), though I think Creepy Mr TC is on this shit too (and first). Love you. Anyway, Dooling has a blog too, it's called Viking Massage, god knows why...

Blap blap. Also another universityillayally friend of mine has one too, he goes by the name of Michael, and his is pro. Check out the wonders of Hot Calamari!

None of my other friends are remotely productive, so until they get off their slotherly, sofa burnt backsides they ain't getting no shout out. That's right, not a whiff. Snap.

Treats from me to you:

Who's that fella? Yeah! It's Debruit! Wooh! The genius behind that stomping post hip-hop/electro meets afrofunk badness that only the French do well. Anyway, he's great, and recently had a Fact "download-of-the-day" in the form of the beautiful remix of Grovesnor's Taxi. Unfortunately, due to my tardniess, this way a few weeks ago, so you canee get it off Fact anymore. Help is at hand, however, get the track here!

Check out a snippet from his Heart Beats 4 Haiti EP too! (Old news I know, but what can you do?)

Snippets "heart beats 4 Haiti" produced by débruit by dEbruit


And who's this chap you ask? That's right! It's our old friend, Shafiq Husayn! Recently, I have been playing to death a tune of his latest LP which, admittedly, isn't the greatest record, but this badboy is something else. Chilled vibes with seraphic vocals from the adorable Fatima:

And, that's all folks! I will actually be back soon. Till then, don't eat bloody baked beans!

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